World Class Street Sports Contest!


Tokyo ODAIBA Special Site(KOTO-KU Temporary Parking NOP Area)

Application for Contest

From the ENTRY button below, you can process your application. Please read the notes before apply.

A-SIDE BMXフラットランド用エントリーボタン

BMX Flatland





A-SIDE BMXストリートパーク用エントリーボタン

BMX Street Park




A-SIDE インラインスケート用エントリーボタン

Inline Skate




A-SIDE スケートボード用エントリーボタン






First come, first served basis. Application will be closed as soon as it becomes capacity.

Be sure to check NOTES before applying. Please accept the following details and apply to the contest.

After the application, reception may be terminated during processing by operation.

[Application Flow]

Please pay the entry fee from the online ticket service “iFLYER”.

※You need to PAY the Entry Fee to confirm the entry.


A-SIDE: Complete the application.

※ A reception complete mail is sent.


“iFLYER” link in the mail

Access the link. Complete payment.


E-mail is sent from “iFLYER”

Receive “e-ticket”.

[About Application]

  • Entry is limited for 1 Category 1 Class per Person.
  • Application will be closed on 21st of September. 7days before the contest.

[Entry Fee]


  • OPEN:¥10,000
  • AMATEUR:¥5,000
  • JUNIOR:¥3,000

※Commission fee will be charged.

[About Participation Cancellation]

  • Please call or email for cancellation.
  • Phone:
  • 070-2289-0789
    (TIME:10:00-18:00. Weekday)
  • E-mail:
  • The cancellation accepted by 14th of September. 14days before the contest.

* Please confirm the schedule beforehand to avoid cancellation.

[About Prize Payment]


  • OPEN:1st.  2,000,000 yen, 2nd. 500,000 yen, 3rd. 150,000 yen,  4th. 150,000 yen, 5th~8th. 50,000 yen.
  • AMATEUR:100,000 yen worth of gift card.
  • JUNIOR:100,000 yen worth of gift card.

※Regarding the payment method of prize money, we will guide at a later date to the qualified players.

[About Facility・Venue]

  • Read the “FORMAT・RULES” for details.

[In Case of Contest Cancellation]

  •  We may cancel if it impossible to hold because of rainy or stormy weather.

[Notes on The Day]

  • Sports insurance is included in the participation fee.
  • The event organizer is not responsible for any injuries or other accidents during the event.
  • Also, if the participants injure others, please settle between the parties.
  • For items with an obligation to wear, please be sure to wear helmets, protectors etc.
  •  The event organizer is not responsible for lost valuables, luggage and theft in the facility.
  • Films and photos that recorded by us at the venue belong to the organizer.
  • The organizer also has the right to post this record on the media.
  • Please inform the staff if there is a problem on photos and etc.
  • If there is an act (violence, insult, etc) that breaks the rule or is not suitable for participating in the event, we ask to leave.


  • Photographers or Film makers who would like to film or interview in the contest, application required.